Brazilian Blowout

3 Signs You Need A Brazilian Blowout - A Clients Perspective

A Clients Perspective On Brazilian Blowouts 

And 3 Signs You Need One NOW! 

Brazilian Blowout

Hey guys! My name is Makayla Hendricks and I've been seeing Breanne Miller at Kellie and Company for almost four years now! A couple years ago she encouraged me to try a Brazilian Blowout and I was cautious to say the least. I had frizzy, unmanageable curls - and I didn't want anything to mess them up. I hated my curls because they were always so unpredictable. One day (the days I didn't try of course) they would be really cute and perfect, and the next it would be a frizzy mess! Most of the time I wore my hair up which always made me feel like a tomboy and I hated it. But I figured that was that - until my life changed with my first Brazilian Blowout! My first Brazilian Blowout left my hair so soft and I could literally let it air dry and it would be straight and soft! (No more frizz or weird waves) I could touch it up with a straightening iron here and there - but most of the time I was ready to go! (Remember Princess Diaries? Ya, it felt just like that!)

Brazilian Blowout

It lasted me a few months before I did it agin, and my second and third blowouts lasted longer and longer each time. I've gone a long time without getting it done again - mostly because life is crazy! But I'm getting ready to move to Florida next month so I HAD to get it done (fight that humidity *UGH*). I decided to do a comparison video to show you just how LIFE CHANGING Brazilian Blowouts really are! Watch the video with a time comparison of my morning routine before vs now! 

Full Length Video

Side by Side Comparison Time Lapse 

3 Signs You Need A Brazilian Blowout NOW! 

1. Your Hair Controls Your LIFE! 


I've been there - you literally have to plan your weeks activities around your hair. Want to go swimming? Better not be going out on a date later. Want to look cute? Ya that takes like 2-3 days notice. Between washing curly hair and then blow drying it (without dying of heat in your bathroom or setting off the smoke alarms) it's a workout and a commitment. I was always jealous of those girls who 'wash their hair at night and sleep on it' yeah no....if I did that I'd wake up to a giant knot! Now I can literally shower and blow dry my hair and be ready to go in 10-15 minutes, whereas before doing my hair was a 2-3 hour process. And wanna hear the best part?! It looks so much better than before without the work! Plus, if I want I can throw product in it and get pretty beach waves too. 


2. Your Curls Never Listen


Only naturally curly girls understand this! In high school I was TERRIFIED of anyone brushing much less touching my curls. I knew they would poof with the slightest interaction. Rain? Oh heck no. Lacrosse Practice? Ya, ain't going out after that. It was a rough life. I was always so jealous of those girls with pretty curls and hairstyles because I was lucky to have even brushed through my hair that morning! If you have those awkward, half wave - half straight curls - this would be INCREDIBLE for you! Finally find freedom from your frustration with your hair, and start living your life! 


3. You Live For Wearing Buns - because well, it's not worth it

Brazilian Blowout

I've been there too - and even got made fun of in middle school for it. While other girls were learning how to curl with a flat iron - I was perfecting my tight ballerina bun (that often gave me headaches) because it's all I could count on. Now that I skip the frizzy, hour long straightening session I can actually DO my hair and look cute - instead of looking like I just finished a workout. 


The best thing about a Brazilian Blowout? FREEDOM! Freedom from hours in the bathroom. Freedom to actually do something with your hair without 'angering the beast'. It's worth the investment in your hair, I promise you that! If you can rock your natural curls - awesome! If you're frustrated with them - give Kellie and Company a visit! You'll be hooked just wait. 

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Products I use to upkeep my Brazilian Blowout: (These help extend the life of it!) I was able to take all of these home from Kellie and Company! All of these products last me a really long time - typically 3-4 months. 

Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner

Brazilian Blowout Daily Smoothing Serum 

Brazilian Blowout Ionic Bonding Spray (Excited to try this one out in the Florida Humidity!)