What A Deep Conditioning Treatment Can Do For You

Are you feeling like your hair is dull and lacking life? You may think that cutting your hair is the only option for sprucing up your hair, but you have more options! If you would rather not cut your hair, but need that extra “oomph” a deep conditioning treatment would be great for you! At Kellie and Company, we offer several different treatments, but today I will focus on our Joico K-Pak Treatment.



My friend, Patti (below), has been growing her out and loves her length. The ends of her hair were in pretty good condition, so she didn’t want a haircut to compromise the length. But she did feel like her hair was dull. The Joico K-Pak treatment is a four step process that works from the inside out to bring life back to your hair. It is the perfect answer for over processed hair, hair that lacks shine or volume, or dehydrated hair (which is almost all of us Utah gals!), and helps to lock in color. 


The first step is a chelating shampoo. This is similar to a clarifying shampoo, which removes oil and product buildup on the surface of the hair fiber. However, a chelating shampoo goes even deeper into the hair and removes minerals, metals, and chlorine buildup. All of those elements cause the hair to act and feel differently, as well as contribute to color fading. Second step is a cuticle sealer, which brings the hair back to its natural pH level. Because the  hair is prepped with steps one and two it is now ready for the maximum results of the reconstructive elements of step three and four. Step three is the reconstructor treatment. It has the highest concentration of Quadramine Complex, Joico’s famous protein-stocked repair formula, to maximize protection and reconstruction to each and every damaged strand. Step four is the intense hydrator.  It has a bio-Advanced Peptide Complex that is a master at quenching thirst by restocking Amino Acids; Silicone seals the cuticle and delivers intense shine; while Lanolin and Shea Butter replace lost lipids. This whole process takes about 30 mins, plus drying and styling time. So plan on about 45-60 minutes total at the salon.

A few days after Patti had the Joico K-Pak treatment I heard back from her that she had fallen back in love with her hair! I also have to admit that my hair was over processed during beauty school experiments. That heart sinking feeling of stretchy, tangled, frizzy hair is the worst! I can honestly say that this treatment saved my hair and brought it back to life. With continued use of the Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator at home my hair became manageable and beautiful once again, and yours can too!

Stop by Kellie and Company for some hair TLC, and we can hook you up with the K-Pak Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator for home care! Love your hair again! 



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