Common Hair Myths You Didn't Think About

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Coconut oil is good for your hair... MYTH.

Getting a good oil to hydrate the ends of your hair is a great thing to have, but one to stay away from is straight coconut oil. Coconut oil alone is made up of a molecule too large to actually penetrate the hair shaft, which in turn is doing your hair nothing beneficial. In fact, because it coats the hair, it is very difficult to cleanse out of your hair. When you go to heat style your hair after using coconut oil, you’re basically COOKING the oil into your hair. Some other great alternatives would be Sebastian Dark Oil, Pureology Smooth Perfection Serum, Wella Perfect Me, or Wella Oil Reflections Serum you can get them at the salon!

It’s better to come to my color appointment with dirty hair… FALSE! It’s best CLEAN!

I remember hearing through the years that it was better to come with dirty hair for several reasons. However, it’s actually been proven to be better for your hair and your color service if you come with clean hair! When your hair is clean it ensures even application and coverage because the hair cuticle is not coated with your natural oils or hair product.

Henna hair dye is more natural, therefore it’s better for my hair... BIG FAT FALSE.

Any hair color that is not professional grade (aka used in a salon) is not worthy of your gorgeous hair! Box dyes and hennas are always risky because we simply just don’t know what’s in them. And in a lot of scenarios, when you come to get your hair professionally done again, it’s very possible for a chemical reaction to occur on your hair. Hennas in particular are the biggest culprits. They may claim to be more natural, but overall the ingredients they use are very harmful for your hair, and make it so basically you’re only option is to grow that sweet hair of yours out and chop it off before you professionally color it again! For example, my cousin came into the salon wanting to lighten her hair. Almost a year prior she had put a dark blue henna over her already dark hair. You couldn’t even SEE the henna. We didn’t even know where it had grown out to. We did a test strand with lightener before we went all on, and her hair didn’t even lighten... IT TURNED SEAFOAM GREEN. She since has chopped her hair off so we could finally give her a cute new color!

Eyelash extensions will ruin my natural lashes and make them fall out and they’ll never be the same again.... F A L S E.

A BIG myth in the lash world is that. And yes, it WAS true. Before eyelash extensions were regulated by a license, anyone could buy supplies and start doing eyelash extensions. Because there was no training, not real research had been done regarding how to keep lashes healthy and strong. Now, as long as your artist is trained, you should not have to worry about that any more! Yes, your lashes will still fall out, but guess what... IT’S NORMAL! Your lashes go through a natural shedding cycle. A cycle usually lasts about 6 weeks. In that cycle your lashes are going through three phases: a baby stage, a growing stage, and a long, healthy & gorgeous stage. This is why it is important to get a lash fill every 2-3 weeks. Even if they’re staying on great, they’re growing out! Which means most of them will need to be replaced anyway. So do your sweet lashes a favor and schedule your fill appointments 2-3 weeks out.

I found the same professional product in the grocery store, SCORE!


There is a law and regulation that says that any professional product must only be sold in salons or through distributors. Because of that, any “professional” product you see on Amazon, in Ross, Walmart, Smith’s, Target, etc. is a big fat faker. Yes, it could still be the product, but by law, since they aren’t allowed to sell them in those stores, the product is either A) watered down or B) expired. A few weeks ago I found some Pureology shampoo and conditioner on the shelf at Smith’s. The packaging alone told me that it was several years old because Pureology has since repackaged several times since that version that was on the shelf at Smith’s. Make sure you are not spending your money on useless product! Listen to your stylist, they know what’s up :)

AND ANOTHER THING. If you’re investing in your hair at the salon, you PUT THAT PANTENE DOWN! (And all other grocery store products.)

Those products are full of water, alcohol, and other fillers that will fade your color 10x as quick as your professional hair care. It’s almost like buying a spanking new car without an insurance policy! Again, listen to your stylist, we care about your hair!!  

-- Written by Lindsay Amarel

Mommy Must Have Products

Mommy Must Have Products

Sebastian’s Dry Clean Only

We all know women have a million different things going on in their lives. All of which are a full time commitment by themselves! My typical day (or at least what I try to accomplish everyday) consists of working out, feeding the kids, cleaning up breakfast, dressing the kids, feeding the kids, playing a game of sharkbite or barbies, feeding the kids, attempting naptime, getting myself ready for the day, feeding the kids, get some business done, go to the park, heading into the salon, making dinner, time with the family, negotiate snacks before bed, bedtime, time with the hubby, then crash! Seems like more than half my time is just feeding these little humans! I know I’m not the only one in this boat!

Our motto at Kellie and Company is when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you DO good! I’ve learned a few little tricks that have made looking good and feeling confident easier so I can help those around me better.

Using a quality shampoo and conditioner

My favorite is Pureology’s Hydrate. A good style really does start in the shower. Using a professional shampoo cleans the hair better and will last longer, making it so you can go longer in between washes!

Mommy must have products

No Blow Dry from Redken

This stuff is amazing! I usually scrunch it in my hair, then do some stuff around the house or run some errands. My hair usually looks great just using the air styling cream, but if I need a little more of a polished look I just curl a few pieces around my face and I’m off again!

Mommy must have products

Tip for using dry shampoo

My favorite is Wella’s Dry Me, or Sebastian’s Dry Clean Only. Fun fact, dry shampoo works best when you spray it in fresh clean hair rather than oily hair. Doing it this way will help to absorb the oil and perspiration before it even makes your hair oily! Washing and styling my hair can turn into an all day event, so if I can squeeze a few extra days in with dry shampoo I’m happy! Plus I love the volume and texture that dry shampoo gives!

Sebastian’s Dry Clean Only
Mommy must have products

Use a lash growth serum

My favorite is Revitalash. I’m the first to admit lash extensions look amazing! But making an hour appointment every 3 weeks is just not a reality for a lot of people! Revitalash will give you those fabulous lashes without having to find a babysitter!  

Sebastian’s Dry Clean Only

Come into Kellie and Company to try any of my favorite products! Or drop a comment on some of your personal favorite products.

3 Signs You Need A Brazilian Blowout - A Clients Perspective

A Clients Perspective On Brazilian Blowouts 

And 3 Signs You Need One NOW! 

Brazilian Blowout

Hey guys! My name is Makayla Hendricks and I've been seeing Breanne Miller at Kellie and Company for almost four years now! A couple years ago she encouraged me to try a Brazilian Blowout and I was cautious to say the least. I had frizzy, unmanageable curls - and I didn't want anything to mess them up. I hated my curls because they were always so unpredictable. One day (the days I didn't try of course) they would be really cute and perfect, and the next it would be a frizzy mess! Most of the time I wore my hair up which always made me feel like a tomboy and I hated it. But I figured that was that - until my life changed with my first Brazilian Blowout! My first Brazilian Blowout left my hair so soft and I could literally let it air dry and it would be straight and soft! (No more frizz or weird waves) I could touch it up with a straightening iron here and there - but most of the time I was ready to go! (Remember Princess Diaries? Ya, it felt just like that!)

Brazilian Blowout

It lasted me a few months before I did it agin, and my second and third blowouts lasted longer and longer each time. I've gone a long time without getting it done again - mostly because life is crazy! But I'm getting ready to move to Florida next month so I HAD to get it done (fight that humidity *UGH*). I decided to do a comparison video to show you just how LIFE CHANGING Brazilian Blowouts really are! Watch the video with a time comparison of my morning routine before vs now! 

Full Length Video

Side by Side Comparison Time Lapse 

3 Signs You Need A Brazilian Blowout NOW! 

1. Your Hair Controls Your LIFE! 


I've been there - you literally have to plan your weeks activities around your hair. Want to go swimming? Better not be going out on a date later. Want to look cute? Ya that takes like 2-3 days notice. Between washing curly hair and then blow drying it (without dying of heat in your bathroom or setting off the smoke alarms) it's a workout and a commitment. I was always jealous of those girls who 'wash their hair at night and sleep on it' yeah no....if I did that I'd wake up to a giant knot! Now I can literally shower and blow dry my hair and be ready to go in 10-15 minutes, whereas before doing my hair was a 2-3 hour process. And wanna hear the best part?! It looks so much better than before without the work! Plus, if I want I can throw product in it and get pretty beach waves too. 


2. Your Curls Never Listen


Only naturally curly girls understand this! In high school I was TERRIFIED of anyone brushing much less touching my curls. I knew they would poof with the slightest interaction. Rain? Oh heck no. Lacrosse Practice? Ya, ain't going out after that. It was a rough life. I was always so jealous of those girls with pretty curls and hairstyles because I was lucky to have even brushed through my hair that morning! If you have those awkward, half wave - half straight curls - this would be INCREDIBLE for you! Finally find freedom from your frustration with your hair, and start living your life! 


3. You Live For Wearing Buns - because well, it's not worth it

Brazilian Blowout

I've been there too - and even got made fun of in middle school for it. While other girls were learning how to curl with a flat iron - I was perfecting my tight ballerina bun (that often gave me headaches) because it's all I could count on. Now that I skip the frizzy, hour long straightening session I can actually DO my hair and look cute - instead of looking like I just finished a workout. 


The best thing about a Brazilian Blowout? FREEDOM! Freedom from hours in the bathroom. Freedom to actually do something with your hair without 'angering the beast'. It's worth the investment in your hair, I promise you that! If you can rock your natural curls - awesome! If you're frustrated with them - give Kellie and Company a visit! You'll be hooked just wait. 

Ready to book your own Brazilian Blowout! Click Here!

Products I use to upkeep my Brazilian Blowout: (These help extend the life of it!) I was able to take all of these home from Kellie and Company! All of these products last me a really long time - typically 3-4 months. 

Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner

Brazilian Blowout Daily Smoothing Serum 

Brazilian Blowout Ionic Bonding Spray (Excited to try this one out in the Florida Humidity!) 



5 Summer Beauty Hacks

5 Summer Beauty Hacks

Summer Beauty Hacks


Summer is here! Which means natural beauty is in! Who wants to spend hours primping and priming in the bathroom when you can be out enjoying all summer has to offer. Here are 5 beauty tips that will save you time and keep you looking HOT for summer!

1. Redken No-Blow Dry Cream

Redken No-Blow Dry Cream

Redken makes this amazing cream that tames the frizz and enhances your natural texture with no effort! Hop out of the shower and scrunch this cream through your hair and you’re good to go! The next day you might have to touch up a few pieces with a curling iron, but still way better than having to blow-dry and style!. No Blow Dry comes in three different strengths for any hair texture.


2. Eyelash tinting

Summer Beauty Hacks

Have beautiful dark lashes without worrying about “raccoon” eyes or loosing lash extensions. This treatment only takes 30 minutes and lasts up to 6 weeks. This is also a great option for those with mascara sensitivities.

3. Body Waxing

Summer Beauty Hacks

If you plan on showing off some skin this summer, wax before you shave! You will save so much more time, and be more comfortable and confident  in the long run!

Have you ever heard that waxing makes your hair grow back thicker and darker? IT’S NOT TRUE! Waxing actually makes hair grow back finer (which makes it appear lighter), softer, and more sparse. When you completely remove the hair from the follicle the follicle then has to grow a completely new hair, which will grow in softer than shaving. When you shave, you are cutting a blunt which makes the hair feel coarse and prickly. Also, when you remove hair from the follicle you end up damaging some follicles, which then results in less hair growing back! Finally waxing results in smooth hairless skin for weeks! The more you wax, the longer you can go in between waxing sessions.

4. Moisturizer with SPF

Summer Beauty Hacks

Let’s be honest, SPF should be used all year long, but summer is a good time to be extra mindful because of all the outdoor activities. Keep your skin bright and supple with a good moisturizer SPF duo. Our favorite at Kellie and Company is Image Prevention line.

5. Wet Hair Before Swimming

Summer Beauty Hacks

Prevent that infamous green tinged hair by getting your hair wet with clean water before dunking into the pool. Saturating the hair cuticle with clean water will help minimize your hair soaking up chlorine water, which can give a green hue to your hair (especially blondes). If you still get green hair, try using a clarifying shampoo. Our favorite at Kellie and Company is Pureology’s Clarify.


All mentioned products can be found at Kellie and Company! Come see us to get summer ready!

Summer Beauty Hacks

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